Paediatric-Rx Software Designed With Passion

No matter how you use Paediatric-Rx software, your practice is going to be great. Everything about Paediatric-Rx software has been built purposefully by our passionate team. We are so excited to release this labor of love to our paediatricians.

Online Paediatric Software

Paediatric Rx is a dynamic and customized web-based software designed with paediatric specific requirement allowing child specialists to provide better paediatric care.

Paediatric Rx helps paediatricians to make online prescriptions, to keep accurate vaccination record of children and to send vaccination reminder, helping them to save their time and energy.

Paediatric Rx organizes patient care better, with lesser efforts thereby increasing doctor’s efficiency – allowing them to concentrate more on patients than on paperwork.


No need to setup any hardware and software in Clinics. Just be with your computer and use it.


Clinics in resource-limited settings can afford them. Due to web-based system maintenance and setup cost is almost zero.

Innovative Ideas

New ideas that our team bring to this software guarantee its success and we expect that this one of the advanced paediatric software built in India.

Clear Communication

From many comments we receive, we think that we are doing pretty good job. Our team continuously remains in touch with you and keeps alive the spirit of collaboration begins with mutual trust.


Highly user-friendly control panel gives pleasure experience to operate and manage children data.

Timely Support

Our support to our customers has always been timely & comprehensive. Our customers are impressed by our team’s technical support capabilities and training.

Advanced Technology

Our advanced and matching technology is ready to help paediatrician to make a right career move. This software with latest technology has proved a best friend to paediatricians.

Paediatric Rx – Pediatrics EMR/EHR and Practice Management Software

Is highly functional web based software which makes the process of booking appointments, maintaining patient medical records and sending vaccination reminders remarkably easy for doctors and their staff. It also makes use of advanced graphic tools to show the patient data allowing doctors to quickly absorb and act upon it.

It’s reasonably priced so doctors can use it with minimal running cost.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Paediatric Rx completely based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) methodology

In which application are stored on company’s servers and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.

Financial Benefits

Software is subscribed to and not purchased, therefore expenses are not front loaded and are made up of predictable monthly fee or an annual fee 


Ease of Use

Access application anywhere the internet is available through your web browser, It is very user friendly because of bigger customer base and just you need username/password to work on it.

Centralized Data

All data is centralized into one secure datacenter instead of spread through the world on local PCs and servers.


Software deployment and maintenance is handled by us – allowing you to focus on their work to run their clinic.


You always get the latest version and security updates automatically, no need to spend time updating each of your computers.


Server applications are hosted in a datacenter so power outages and Internet outages are isolated from incidents that affect local offices/places.

Secure your Data with AES-256 Encryption

Safety of your data is our top priority. Your data has multiple encrypted backups.

OPD Appointments

OPD appointment facility is available in the system and automatically sms is sent to the appointee regarding his/her OPD appointment & other details.

Prescriptions & Templates

Through Paediatric-rx software doctors can prescribe medicine easily. Prescription & vaccination records of children are maintained automatically by the system.

Vaccinations & Growth Chart

Vaccination records of children are maintained automatically by the system. Growth chart of children can be easily & readily seen by doctors as well as parents. Analysis of growth as per age & weight of child can be done.

Auto Vaccination Reminders

Time to time vaccination reminders are sent to parents automatically by the system giving them information regarding due vaccine date and time.

Don’t just take it from us, let our doctors do the talking!

I am in private practice since last 8 years. I make my prescription and practice distinguishable by giving a printed prescription and keeping patient’s data since early days of my practice. But my need and ideas of a digital interactive and feature rich software was finally fulfilled when I started using Paediatric-Rx recently.

I wish the Paediatric-Rx team a great future in their endeavor of enriching the medial practice for both doctors and patients.

Dr. Susrut Das, MBBS (Hons), DNB (Pediatrics) Specialist in Pediatric & Neonatology

100+ Doctors

Our system is being used by 100 plus registered doctors across the globe and we are still growing. Discover the benefits of the system by requesting a free demo.

75K+ Patients & 200K+ Prescriptions

The ease of use of the system is helping our doctors to track their patients and manage their appointments efficiently and effectively. Prescriptions are generated on the fly with a click of a button.

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