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Our advanced and matching technology is ready to help paediatrician to make a right career move. This software with latest technology has proved a best friend to paediatricians.

Improve Patient Visit Average

Keep patients coming back with no added effort. Engage sends regular trigger based emails to update on progress, suggest exercises and the benefits of returning for future appointments.

Maintain Patient Relationships

Keep constant contact with Engage mobile SMS & Emails. Reinforce your clinic’s professionalism and dedication to your patient’s health and recovery.

Get More Referrals

Thoughtful and relevant communications support your clinic’s effort in building meaningful relationships with your patient base, which leads to patient referrals and recommendations.


An appointment book so powerful it can run your whole clinic. Monitor clinician capacity, see appointments for the day, week, or month, and let patients book themselves with online booking.

Auto Vaccination Reminders

Time to time vaccination reminders are sent to parents automatically by the system giving them information regarding due vaccine date and time.

Secure Platform for Doctors

Protecting the Data that we collect is Top Priority. We use 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data.

Your data is safe with us.

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Our product is sold as subscription model means our business is built completely on customer satisfaction. Our job is to prove you that benefits you are getting from our services far outweigh the cost of subscription of our software.
Dr. Susrut Das

MBBS (Hons), DNB Pediatric & Neonatology
Balyashree Clinic, Bhubaneswar

I am in private practice since last 8 years. I make my prescription and practice distinguishable by giving a printed prescription and keeping patient’s data since early days of my practice. But my need and ideas of a digital interactive and feature rich software was finally fulfilled when I started using Paediatric-Rx recently.

Its web based so no installation. Tab, Mac or Pc, even a Smartphone with an Internet access is all that is required. I have all my clinical data, drug doses, prescriptions and appointment scheduler with me all the time. It’s so user friendly that my pharmacist mastered it in an hour.

Dr. Sarah Rizk

MD Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine Specialist

This software makes my job hassle free, especially with automatic notifications for vaccine reminders to my patients.

The software generates CDC growth chart and the appointment systemt is very quick and easy to access. With this software I can guarantee that a Paediatrician will be much happier and the work flow will go much smoother.

I promise you once you try this software you will not be able to imagine life without it.

Dr. Rozina Gohar Khan

MBBS – MD University of Glasgow
German Medical Care,

This software is best suited for a small medical practice. It worked well for our busy primary care medical practice. It has many choices of interfaces which will satisfy any option a practitioner would need to implement electronic medical records for their practice. Most importantly their training and support is awesome!

Auto SMS/Email facility will give me very good reminder to the parents.

Dr. Surender Selangia

M.B.B.S., M.D. (Paeds) Shree Hospital, Sector-12, Dwarka,
New Delhi

Online paediatric software is like your personal secretary. It is very convenient, easy to use & very simple for parents to access their children vaccination & prescription by internet.

Auto-sms facility will give me very good reminder to the parents. Parent’s confidence will increase as I am giving online prescription. They can discuss the line of management with their friendly paediatrician anywhere in world. Every paediatrician should have this personal secretary with them.

Dr. S. K. Jain

M.B.B.S., M.D. (Paeds) Shrya Specialist Polyclinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi

This is highly user-friendly & cost effective software. I’m very much impressed and happy using its auto vaccination reminder facility.

It has helped me to save my time & energy. I’m able to manage children’s vaccination data conveniently using this software. I recommend every paediatrician should have this type of software.

Dr. Kumar Ankur

Paediatrician MD (PAED), DNB (Neonatology) Sai Femme n Bloom Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi

Excellent software! Completely built according to the needs of a paediatrician. This software has helped me to manage my clinic in a much better way thus saving my time & efforts at a very less cost.

The best thing about this software is it’s easy access everywhere not only at the clinic. I can manage children’s data & records at home.

Convenient & Affordable

No need to setup any hardware and software in Clinics. Just be with your computer and use it. Clinics in resource-limited settings can afford them. Due to web-based system maintenance and setup cost is almost zero.

100+ Doctors

Our system is being used by 100 plus registered doctors across the globe and we are still growing. Discover the benefits of the system by requesting a free demo.

75K+ Patients & 200K+ Prescriptions

The ease of use of the system is helping our doctors to track their patients and manage their appointments efficiently and effectively. Prescriptions are generated on the fly with a click of a button.

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